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Dollar Store Still Life, 2006 (series)

Dollar Store Still Life, 2006

In Dollar Store Still Life, cheap plastic dollar store goods made in overseas factories and imported in bulk by the container load stand in for the perishable delicacies and unique objects of luxury typically showcased in traditional Dutch and Flemish genre paintings. The low cost of the objects depicted is stated in the title of each work, e.g.: Dollar Store Still Life with Decorative Fruit and Feathers ($8). In 2016, the artist will revisit the project using goods purchased at a Japanese Two-Dollar store, reflecting on the economic and demographic changes that have occurred over the period of 10 years.

See essay “Still Life with Dollar Store” Still Life, Contemporary Art Gallery Vancouver, 2010


Installation View, Contemporary Art Gallery, with others
image courtesy: Contemporary Art Gallery

Closer than they appear, n.d. (series)

Closer than they appear, n.d. (series)

Closer than they Appear is an ongoing documentary project focused on neighbourhoods in the artist’s home of east Vancouver. These images attempt to document ordinary, everyday people and places, and challenge street photography tropes depicting immigrant and working class communities. This project began with images from as early as 1993 and continues to the present. In 2000, this selection of 25 images was exhibited in the artist’s first solo exhibition at Centre A, Vancouver.

Stain, 2003 (series)

Stain, 2003 (series)

Stain is a photographic series depicting stains from leaked motor oil on wet pavement. The colourful effects of the oil stains against the pavement evoke visions of outer space and psychedelia. These works, which straddle the scientific and the phantasmagoric, explore the paradox of the abstract and the (literally) concrete in documentary photography.

Installation views, Captures, Presentation House Gallery


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